The staff at Genesis Kitchens & Designs were extremely polite, caring and supportive with the renovations of my kitchen and master bathroom. Susan was very patient and kindly with me as I tried to comprehend what seemed to be an overwhelming task. In her absence Nicole came forth with her creativity, suggestions and foresight with the floor and wall tiling. Susan worked harmoniously with my contractor, whom I also hired through Genesis. I would strongly recommend Genesis for anybody looking for a company that is knowledgeable, professional and knows how to treat their clients with respect.

- Diana Tom - Houzz

I would highly recommend Genesis and Susan Joyce for any size project. I had a 40 year old apartment size kitchen that was in need of renovations. Susan presented several different plans and i was very happy with my final choice. Susan's professionalism was present from start to finish.

- Jesper Lund - Houzz

I had the recent pleasure to work with Julie Dinnissen at Genesis Kitchens & Designs. Genesis was referred to us by a friend, who had recently completed a kitchen reno. I had a lofty goal of wanting an island in my design-challenged space - visualize a three-room area (dining, kitchen, eating area) that formed a 90-degree shape. This is not exactly conducive to having an island and we did not wish to extend the kitchen footprint into the backyard. We were planning to remove a structural wall between the dining room and kitchen and thus, Julie designed an area around the remaining wall that works as a HUGE island. It’s massive. Tons of counter and cabinet space, designed to utilize every inch of the island.

During our planning stage, when our cabinets and countertops were ready to be ordered, our contractor backed out of our project. While Genesis gave us a list of their recommended contractors, we had initially chosen a local contractor that was recommended by a friend. I let Julie know of our predicament and she immediately called two of their preferred contractors, one of which could handle our project in the upcoming months. Frankly, I should have gone with a Genesis-approved contractor from the start and would highly advise this.

The one constant during our renovation - from conception to completion, was Julie and her team at Genesis. The smartest thing I did was to engage Genesis’ services. Take a look at Genesis’ fee structure - your deposit goes towards your cabinet purchase and you receive ten hours of a designer’s time. Julie helped me pick paint colours, flooring, backsplash, grout - you name it. No additional fees were charged to us and we have our dream kitchen.

Our contractor, Ian Heyes from IH Contracting, was absolutely fantastic. Julie ensured that construction and installation was coordinated with Ian which created a very smooth renovation. Our 1980’s era house has challenges and Ian and his right-hand, Greg, worked around that - troubleshooting and ensuring the reno was well-built and looked good. It was like having my dad and brother help us out - I fully trusted them and their opinion. They are both lovely people to work with, have a great sense of humour, and are trustworthy and honest.

Back to Genesis and Julie! Not only was the design fantastic and way beyond my expectations, Julie’s attention to every little detail made all the difference. From choosing different lengths for the door/drawer pulls based on the overall size of the door to eliminating door pulls under the seating area and using push-latches (my knees thank you), to scrutinizing grout colours - she wanted to create my dream kitchen right down to the smallest details.

Additionally, the cabinet installers that Genesis use also deserve high praise. With constant updates and contact with Julie on the progress, our kitchen looks amazing. Every little detail was thought out and where our uneven floors, walls and other fun challenges threw a curve, our installer Luke worked around it to make it perfect. No corners were cut to get the job finished quickly but rather, he suggested a few tweaks that we could do to make it look better. These weren’t up-charges, just perfectionism by both the installer and Genesis.

I can’t recommend Genesis enough. Julie and her team, who stepped in to drop things off at the house and grab flooring samples, are talented designers. The contractor that backed out did us a favour as we were fortunate to work with the Genesis-approved contractors who all helped to create our beautiful new kitchen. The fact that Genesis partners with such amazing contractors lends to their professionalism and should give you confidence that if you use them for your renovation, they will ensure you are well taken care of through the entire process.

We are now enjoying our new kitchen and can’t thank Julie, Ian, Greg, and Luke enough.

- Lynn M - Houzz

We are very happy with the design and the personalized service we received from Genesis Kitchens. Not only are we thrilled with the way our kitchen looks, we love how well it functions - our kitchen looks stunning, flows beautifully and is a pleasure to cook in. Denise and her team listened to our ideas and guided our design decisions, providing lots of choice and suggestions, all the while working within our budget. Her knowledgeable team was very professional and provided personalized service. We would highly recommend Genesis Kitchens.

- S. Burdon - Houzz

Working with Joy to design our new kitchen was fantastic. She developed a design taking both input from my wife and I and drawing from her own experience. She was professional and very courteous, taking the time to explain the process and timelines along the way. Joy made all the difference by offering suggestions, while considering the ideas we provided. Our kitchen was completed on time and on budget. We have received many compliments on our new kitchen from friends and family and of course we enjoy it very much ourselves. I highly recommend Genesis and Joy for anyone considering a new or major kitchen renovation

- iannet1 - Houzz

We were very impressed by the re-structuring recommendations when we felt stuck by appliance placement based on existing design and window structures. Through discussion and repeated consults, we were able to come up with a fantastic design!

- Zoe McDougall - Houzz

We worked with Joy at Genesis Kitchen and Design who offered very professional help and support all along the way. She tapped into our thoughts and accompanied us to see the cabinets on display resulting in a new kitchen which reflects our personal tastes and needs. Ian the contractor and all the sub trades he provided were a most efficient, courteous group. We would heartily recommend this company to all who are thinking of embarking on kitchen renovations.

- jimelgregory - Houzz

My wife and I worked with Joy from Genesis Kitchens & Design after deciding that we wanted to renovate the main floor in our home (kitchen, powder room, living room). Initially, we didn't know where to start because this was the first renovation that we've undertaken. We decided to visit a few cabinet companies and big box hardware stores to consider our options and get a better idea of what we were getting into. After meeting with some of the reps, I quickly realized that one of the most difficult tasks of the project was going to be finding a general contractor and organizing the schedule to ensure all of the project steps were completed on time.

Fearing that the project organization tasks might be too difficult for me to manage, I decided to start searching for a full-service company that was experienced and willing to organize my project to avoid costly delays. We decided to drop by the Genesis kitchens showroom after searching online for local companies.

From the moment we walked into the door and throughout the project, we knew we had made the right choice! Upon our first visit, Joy from Genesis kitchens helped to guide us with our design choices, connected us with an excellent general contractor, and helped to get us preferred rates for appliances kitchen/bath fixtures. In addition, she was available throughout the reno project to make design adjustments and respond to all of our questions and concerns.

We love our newly renovated kitchen and would definitely recommend Joy and Genesis Kitchens & Bath to anyone looking to undertake a major renovation in their home!!!

- cquigley99 - Houzz

I had a great experience working with Genesis Kitchen & Design. They did exactly what they say they are going to do. Everything was on time and on budget. We are very please to work with them. I'll for sure contact them again for any kitchen need.

- jc129129 - Houzz

Denise and the team were excellent and provided a great service. She has a flair for style and design and steers you in a direction that works best for the project you are working on. She considers both parties as some decisions are tricky with two people weighing in.

- Simone W - Houzz

I have used genesis kitchens for plans, cabinets both kitchen and bathrooms. Their attention to detail and plans are impeccable, product is excellent. They address all issues and concerns, attend on site and produce excelelnt solutions. They provide an excellent service both to the design community and homeowners. Would highly recommend them.

- design happens - Houzz

Julie Dinnissen was the Genesis designer who helped us choose our kitchen countertops and backsplash. She was knowledgeable, cheerful and a pleasure to work with. Julie provided us with accurate quotes, time schedules and came by to make sure the job was a success. All aspects of the job were completed as promised, promptly and with very little disruption to our household. I appreciate Julie's guidance in choosing a great countertop / backsplash combination for our home.

- sherrycalhoon - Houzz

Excellent discounts provided when ordering thru' them. E.g. Flooring, countertops, countertops, backsplash.

Excellent attitude.

Excellent consultant (Julie).

- Client - Houzz

Worked with Denise from Genesis after a recommendation from a friend. My husband just retired after a long career as a marine master. I wanted our kitchen renovation to reflect our mutual love of local west coast waters (we're in Vancouver, BC) and Genesis more than delivered! I new exactly how I wanted the kitchen to make me FEEL but had a hard time defining what that would exactly look like. Enter Denise - who's greatest skill may be interpreting my vague criteria into exactly what I wanted but couldn't actually describe. I originally described my vision as "West Coast nautical" and yet somehow Denise knew exactly what I meant. First thing was a change of kitchen layout that I hadn't even considered but now cant imagine otherwise. All the other suggestions from Denise and her team on finishes and details were brilliant. In the end we truly couldn't be happier with the functionality and the look - and there is no way we could have got the perfect result without Denise and the Genesis Kitchens team!

- client - Houzz

My husband and i decided to renovate our kitchen and we were feeling overwhelmed after talking to a couple different contractors....then I was referred to Genesis by a friend....it became alot easier and not as overwhelming because they supported us all the way through.. I am thankful for their professionalism and expertise! And we love our kitchen!!! Could not be happier!!

- kopchiamia123 - Houzz

In 2010, Denise McIntosh, Owner/Kitchen Designer of Genesis Kitchens, designed the layout for our new kitchen in our home. Denise was knowledgeable, professional and very easy to work with. She had many excellent suggestions, and worked with our contractor every step of the way. Our dream kitchen became a reality.
In 2013 we purchased a condo and we were fortunate to have Denise work with us again. This time, Denise was involved in the plan layout to fully renovate our 1350 sq. ft. condo. Walls and doors were removed, counters were extended and the kitchen nook was redesigned to incorporate a pantry and cupboards. Combinations of counter top and backsplash samples for the kitchen and bathrooms made it easy for us to make our decisions. We were extremely happy with our newly renovated condo and we have had many people remark on how amazing it looks.
We would definitely recommend using Denise and her team for any renovation projects. It was a pleasure working with them

- heritagewoods - Houzz

We did the major renovation in our 22 year old house from Jan. till May, 2015.
Denise McIntosh, Owner/ Kitchen Designer, helped us design our new kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and a powder room. She was easy to work with, professional, and creative.
We're very happy with the transformation of our house that was completed on time and I'd certainly recommend Denise and her team for any kitchen/ bathroom reno.

- maciejl - Houzz

Denise McIntosh, Owner of Genesis Kitchens, and her team of designers did an excellent job of designing our main kitchen and bathroom as well as a beautiful basement suite. Denise was genuinely interested in listening to our needs and helping us decide on the plan layout, choice of materials and colours, and she helped at every step with great ideas and solutions. Denise was very calm and patient with us and we never felt rushed to make a decision. Her insights and advice gave us confidence in our decisions. This was the first major renovation project for us and we couldn't have been happier with the results.
Thank you Denise and everyone at Genesis Kitchens & Design!

- ma418x - Houzz

Over the past few years we have had plans to renovate our 3 existing bathrooms in our 27-year old home to make them bright, stylish and spa-like. Earlier this year we contacted Denise at Genesis Kitchens and Design. We described our vision of the completed renovations and she and her team helped us clearly define the scope of the project and assisted with the installation of cabinetry work and countertops. We now have this project completed and are thrilled with the results! The Genesis Kitchens and Design team brings years of experience to the table and we look forward to working with them on future projects. In fact, our kitchen renovation project is now in its early stages and Genesis Kitchens and Design has been involved in this project as well since the onset. Finding the right partner is key on these home renovation projects and Denise’s team at Genesis Kitchens and Design has proven to be a great match.

- michael_sauve - Houzz

We are extremely happy with our new renovated kitchen. We went with an open concept layout and removed the wall between the kitchen and dining room. It is really functional and the materials are easy to keep clean. Denise with Genesis Kitchens was amazing, from our initial meeting with her to the design, layout and finishings of our kitchen. She was a pleasure to work with! We were very impressed with the quality of the materials and construction team. The kitchen renovation was completed quickly and looks stunning.

- dfkrd - Houzz

We were very happy with Denise at Genesis Kitchen & Design. She was very helpful in helping us choose the right products and design for our new kitchen.

- barb50_2009 - Houzz

I had the pleasure of working with Denise McIntosh (owner of Genesis Kitchens and Design) and colleagues in April of this year when we renovated our 20 year old kitchen. Denise was very professional and took all the time necessary to explain the process to us - enough so that we felt confident that she would oversee everything while we traveled to Australia and Bali. From recommendations made by Denise, we hired a contractor to coordinate and complete the electrical, plumbing, carpentry and floor installation parts of the job. Denise worked closely with our contractor while we were away to ensure that everything was done according to plans and on budget. Although we had been advised that everything may not be completed by the time we returned home, we were pleasantly surprised to find that our kitchen was ready to use upon our return. Like any other renovation, we encountered glitches along the way, but Denise responded quickly and decisively to ensure that we were not inconvenienced and that our kitchen renovation was of the highest standards. We love our new kitchen and Denise and colleagues made what could have been an ordeal, a relatively pleasant experience.

- luckylucie - Houzz

We were very fortunate to have found Genesis Kitchens, Denise and her staffs are amazing! We were in the middle of extensive renovations and needed cabinets for our whole house. Unfortunately the cabinet place which we first chose did not follow through with the contract and left us with nothing, which postponed the whole project. We found Genesis Kitchens and Denise was so understanding and assured us that they would help us get our house completed. Genesis Kitchens was able to give us exactly what we were looking for and Denise is truly an expert in design. Denise was there every step of the way from coming out to measure, working with our contractor and helping us right down to the finishing touches. We are so pleased with the cabinets in our home and Genesis Kitchens helped us achieve our dream. It was a pleasure dealing with such a caring and trustworthy company and we are so thankful for everything that Denise and her staff did for us. We will never forget how Genesis Kitchens helped us when we were in a bind and we would recommend them to anyone.

- Luisa and Paolo Perazzo

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your staff for your help in making our house a home.

We downsized to a smaller newly constructed home and upon the house completion were abe lto contract sup trade to upgrade and complete empty spaces not included in our negotiated final pricing with our contractor

Fortunately someone had suggested your company even though Genesis Kitchens did not seem to fit the job description for the work we needed i.e. bedroom storage and shelving, office shelving and storage and extended cabinet finished doors and shelving in dining and lving areas and cabinets off the kitchen, multiple shelving and storage surrounding a large TV in the (man cave) area of the basement.

The contract negotiating was very simple as we had several quotes to do the same work- your installer arrived as per agreed time= completed their initial work – returned to finalize (as a lot of fitting was required) leaving all work areas very clean.

We have had no reason to contact you to repair any completed work.

We have had many complements on the products and colours used and in many cases suggestions you and your staff have volunteered in conjunction with our requests. In many cases. Imagination acquired from experience was needed to utilize limited space.

We would have no problem in recommending Genesis Kitchens for price, products and great staff to work with.


- Laurel and Orland Kurtenbach

I had the good fortune of finding Denise during a search for kitchen cabinets. We had our bathroom cabinets done, and I wanted better quality products, so I searched for a new cabinet company in the Tri-Cities. Upon entering her showroom, I was impressed with the excellent design sense she possessed as you could see by the style of cabinets she had chosen. I wanted a kitchen that was going to have that “wow factor". She had great examples of features we could add to the kitchen, many that I knew nothing about. It was all easy to see with examples throughout the showroom.

She was so concerned that all our requests be met that she visited the cabinet company in order to find the exact shade of stain colour and design. The decision process was nearly complete, but we struggled with a range hood style, and she custom designed one that impresses me to this day.

She recommended a contractor for construction as the renovation was taken completely down to the studs with many previous issues resolved, such as gas lines moved and electrical additions. Her recommendations for both the contractor and cabinet installer were excellent. She assisted in keeping to timelines, and was the liaison between the contractor and us when we were away on holidays. As the project was lengthy, I called on her for day-to-day help with appliances, fixtures, backsplash, custom glass doors, electrical and lighting. She was always available to give feedback and many a picture was emailed on the spot for decisions that needed to be made.

She has a great creative open mind and she added so much more than we expected. I consider her to be one of the best in Vancouver. I still am amazed at the results of my new kitchen.

- Simone Deplaedt

We would just like to thank Denise and her staff for doing an amazing job on our new kitchen. There were a few bumps in the road with the renovation process, but Denise dealt with them in a very professional manner. Denise and her staff really take pride in their work, and they definitely put the "customer first". Not only did we get the kitchen we wanted, but we also were able to get their designing expertise in picking out all the details that go along with a kitchen renovation, such as back splash, paint color, and even appliances. We definitely will recommend Genesis Kitchens to all our friends and family.

Thanks again!

- Lydia and Rick

To the Family of Genesis Kitchens and Design:

Thank you so very much for the help and expertise you provided during our kitchen renovation. Your enthusiasm made this huge project exciting, and the result is stunning. The wonderful craftsmanship of Nickels cabinets, the care and respect shown to my home by the installers and yourselves-- Genesis Kitchens, as well as the superb work of reg Harder—you’ve created a beautiful space in my home and it has enhanced the feel and versatility of the entire house. I love my kitchen.

- Cathy Ward (Coquitlam, BC)

As a renovation contractor I have used Genesis Kitchens for a number of my clients. As a client, our own kitchen renovation turned into our dream kitchen. Genesis... Read More

- mjforce - Houzz

We had Genesis Kitchen & Design help us with our kitchen/ dining room renovation. It involved taking down a wall ,moving a few windows ,and electrical. Read More

- beverlytina - Houzz

Genesis was very proffessional in there knowallage of products and time line of delivery.they where able to help with colour and tile selection to compliment th... Read More

- craven10 - Houzz

Great Design Ideas! They provided friendly service while having a solid selection of materials and designs. Stop by and check it out for yourself. Read More

- The AXFORDS - Houzz

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