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What shade of white

should I chose?

White kitchens have stood the test of time for many reasons.

It is clean fresh and gives us a healthy feel. It is a neutral that goes with everything and looks good with every style of design. Whether that is contemporary, traditional or transitional it works. But the big question is… What shade of white should I choose?

When a client tells me they want a white kitchen my first question is, what is the look and feel you are after? If it is a warm, heart of the home feel to the space I would suggest a warm soft white. If it is a clean, fresh, crisp feel I suggest a cooler, starker white. Next question is what are we mixing the white with. If it is a wood grain I may keep it softer white but if it is black I may go for a purer white.

Pairing your white cabinets

Selecting countertops at the same time as the cabinet color helps determine the direction of the shade of white.  Mixing white cabinets with a grey countertop will take us to a cooler white while a creamier color of countertop may lend to an antique or off white.

On the other hand, layering and adding dimension and texture with whites creates architectural interest and creative design elements to an all-white space. Playing with light and how it reflects off the different textures can change the shades of white. Soft white matt cabinets with glossy crisp white subway tile backsplash and a cooler Carrara marble countertop can create a white on white look that is very calming but interesting at the same time.

To paraphrase Henry Ford

“you could have your choice of any color at all, as long as it was white.” – Henry Ford

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