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Ever have a tough time deciding which accessories to incorporate into your kitchen renovation? Below are our all-time favourite kitchen accessories

Our number 1 pick

The Super Susan

Different from the Lazy Susan, this stylish Super Susan has a complete useable surface area. “She’s not so lazy anymore!”

Our 2nd Pick

Pantry Roll Outs

Do you ever get tired of reaching way in the back of your cabinet for those long-lost items? Not anymore with these amazing roll-out shelves which allow full access to all goodies stored away in your pantry.

Our Number 3 Pick

Spice pull-outs

To all the home chefs out there, you’ll love our number 3 pick. This knife/cannister pull-out and spice pull-out are a fantastic way to ease your cooking experience. Although great for spices, these accessories can also be used for your tall oils, vinegars, etc.

Our Number 4 Pick

The Recycle Unit

Do you ever get frustrated having your garbage out in the open all the time? Or having to pull it out from under your sink every time you need to use it? Problem solved with this suave accessory! We absolutely adore these garbage/recycle pull outs.

Our Number 5 Pick

Tray Dividers

Number 6 on our list is for all the bakers out there. Here’s a simple storage solution to all your baking sheets and cutting boards. Store them easily in these tray dividers above your fridge for easy access!

Our 6th and Final Pick

The Lemans Corner

Last but definitely not least is the Lemans Corner. This neat little accessory is great because it pulls out completely and allows easy access to all your essentials.

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