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Gone are the days of the

kitchen triangle

Kitchens are utilized so differently today than ever before. Families are busier, there are more cooks in the kitchen, tons of new technology and many more convenient cabinet accessories that kitchen designers can offer their clients that were not available 20 or 30 years ago!

The Placement Zone

Kitchens designers now plan your kitchen layout and your items into many different zones:

Consumables – your food items

Non-consumables – plates, dishes, forks, knives…

Cleaning – around your kitchen sink, any product you would need to clean your kitchen

Preparation – the items that you use for preparing your meals

Cooking – around your stove and ovens

Photo by Blum

Photo by Blum


“form ever follows function”. – Louis Sullivan, 1896. American Architect

We also take this planning a step further by thinking of your kitchen vertically. Ceiling heights are taller and this is a great way to start thinking about your placement zones vertically, yes, this means you will need a handy step stool to get at that top shelf twice a year.

The items that you use most often should be readily accessible.


Good design takes time, give yourself ample time to plan and coordinate your kitchen with your kitchen designer so that you can get the most out of your space.

If your kitchen looks like this….













…and you are finding that your current kitchen is not functioning to your lifestyle, Genesis Kitchens & Design has the knowledge and experience to help you tailor your kitchen to your lifestyle requirements.

Begin your dream lifestyle.