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The Whole Worlds gone Crazy & I'm Trying to

Renovate My Kitchen

Written by: Genesis Kitchens & Design Owner Denise McIntosh

After all these months working from home and not being able to go out and socialize, I realize I want to renovate to make my space more comfortable.

But what can I expect from a Pandemic Renovation?

Well, you are not alone, in fact the building and renovation industry is busier than ever. Manufactures lead times are running at months instead of weeks. Building products are in high demand and take much longer to get due to the shut down of manufacturing facilities worldwide from Covid 19. The shipping industry is completely backlogged so local flooring, appliance, hardware stores etc. have limited inventory. The in-stock selections are what is left over and not picked through already in the past year and labour is next to impossible to find to meet timelines. Lumber costs have almost doubled causing price increases in cabinetry, flooring, framing and anything wood related across the board.

So, what can I do you ask?

Simple, preplan and do not have unrealistic expectations on costs and timelines.

Appliances are being backordered up to a year right now. So start selecting your appliances before you even meet with a designer. The sooner you order your appliances the less of a delay they will cause. Next is cabinetry. Most respected cabinet manufactures are running 2-4 months to manufacture custom cabinets right now.

Get a designed confirmed with a reputable Kitchen Designer and get those cabinets ordered.

Get in the que for a reputable contractor to carry out the renovation work. Have a plan to select all materials quickly to avoid back-order delays.

If this all seems a bit overwhelming don’t worry, there are great companies that handle everything from the design of your kitchen to helping source a contractor and will work with you to select your finishes. Most of these companies have their own cabinet installers and countertop fabricators. They will help project manage and work with you to make things as smooth as they can be in these crazy times.

At Genesis Kitchens & Design and Inside Out Kitchens we offer all of the above services complimentary when ordering your cabinetry though us.

So yes the whole world has gone crazy but with a little patience and understanding of the world we live in right now, you can still renovate your kitchen.

Begin your dream lifestyle.