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One day before Social Isolation, when we went into the design showroom to work, we were having a discussion of who likes to work from home and who doesn’t. Some of us did, well maybe it was just one of us who preferred working from home – “I get so much work done at home, less distractions!”, then there were some who had more distractions, you know cats sitting on your keyboard, cute puppies clicking around your feet, TV distractions that sort of thing.

Just after Genesis Kitchens & Design closed the showroom to do our part to stop the spread of COVID and we were now making our new work place in our homes, I asked one of my colleagues how she is doing with working from home. Day one was still distracting, but on day two or three she did some reflecting and some re-arranging.

“I took my desk, faced it out towards the window and created my little office where I can see the world outside, the weather, the birds”.


Keep your regular schedule.

It is so important to treat WFH – Working From Home just like a normal work day. Keeping your routine, the same just as you would as if you are going into an office.

GET OUT OF YOUR PJ’s! Turn the TV off, turn on some of your favourite music – take advantage of this time to make it your own!

I love my home, I love being at home so I am pretty good social isolation. I’ve been enjoying different areas of my home to work, to get a different view of the place.



Find yourself a spot you love, light a candle, make it a peaceful place you can be your most productive.

Maybe you feel like standing one day, the day you are making loads of phone calls. It’s always best to stand a talk on the phone, a kitchen counter is a great spot for a standing desk!

If you have a spot outside what a great way to get some good work done in the fresh air, plus if you have friends and family where it is still snowing this is a great time to take selfies in front blooming cherry blossoms to send to them.


Dining Rooms aren’t just for entertaining and eating!

Need to spread out? Dining tables are the perfect height for sitting properly for typing or writing, it’s a classic spot. Great over head lighting to read those important reports on the rainy spring days when you can’t sit outside.

Make working from interesting, keep in touch with co-workers via facetime or ZOOM. This might be the new normal we will need to adjust too. We can get through it!


Begin your dream lifestyle.